# 2/06/2016 to 7/06/2016
London : #HackCop21 :
A laboratory of artistic activism to co-create a creative resistance for a climatic justice

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Labofii, Laboratory Insurrectionary of Imagination

Artistic and political activism

” It reminds to us one time when it was still possible to make free theater to experiment utopias of love and anarchy … It is a question of saying goodbye to the representation … It is thus the most radical form of the theater. ”
Frauke Hartman, Frankfurter Rundshcau, in 2010 about the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

« The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (Labofii) merges the creativity of the art and the radical commitment of the activism, to create new forms of civil disobedience and post-capitalist life.
Known to have been censored by Tate Modern, having fallen in love with the utopias, having built the machines of resistance with hundreds of bikes, and having launched the army of the clowns, Labofii exists somewhere between the art and the activism, the poetry and the politics.
The creation and the resistance are such the stalks of DNA of our practice. For us, the art and the activism are inseparable of the everyday life. We do not create works or projects, but experiences because we think that at the heart of the creativity is the acceptance of the potential failure. Our experiences do not try ” to make some art ” but to model the reality. We do not want to show you the world, but to transform it, together. We encourage the artists to take out prisons of the world of the art, not to be any more the clowns of the temples of the culture, but to dedicate their creativity to new forms of life and struggle.»

Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan

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