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Concert film

The music, the new sound track in the service of the movie is at the same time stabbing and nervous, by mixing voice, synthetic beats, and organic guitars, crossed in the moulineuse of effects and filters. The original sounds of the movie are sampled, amplified and tortured emphasizing sometimes harmless elements but nevertheless heralds of the tragedy to come.
The combination between subjective voice and subtitles surprises a moment, but the hypnotic voice of Rome, as Philip K.Dick’s reading by Nick Cave, fast takes control of our feelings. It is not anymore a question of following the rhythm of the movie, based on the physical transformation of the character, but of underlining the loving tragedy, the intimate apocalypse of an impossible story.
The poetry of Rome, omniscient narrator, filters the thoughts of the characters, excites their feelings and analyzes the identity confusion and the increasing anxiety of the metamorphosis.

“The flesh drives crazy”, when, to say it, the words, the images and sounds converge, we attend then an original experience, a new form of concert film.

Texts & vocals : Rome
Bass, vocals & DIY : Denis Monjanel
Guitar & machines : Thomas Guimezanes

Around the movie The Fly from David Cronenberg (United States, 1986, 1h36).

A Zutano BaZar production for 2015-2016


Graines d’Images / Teriaki