Concert or Music & Dance Performance

Pin-Up Suicide is a musical form born from {SIR-KU-LE}.
Florence Loison, Denis Monjanel, Mathieu Joly and Damien Loison explore further the issue of movement between the body and the music, sound and words.

The music is at the heart of a quartet bass-drums-guitar-vocals to rock bursts, noise-punk but also more air and fragile. The texts in English and French, can call on several rewrites and / or inspirations freely shaped by Florence Loison (Katia Grange, Florence Loison, Marilyn Monroe …).

Between poetry and narration, spoken or sung words are exploring a “blurred border” polled, felt, imagined.

Pin-Up Suicide is on Soundcloud. To listen to some extracts, click on the tape…


Vocals : Florence Loison
Bass : Denis Monjanel
Drums : Mathieu Joly
Guitar : Damien Loison
Sound control : Lénaïc Hureau
Outside view : Thierry Delhomme


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