In situ improvisation for a dancer and a musician

The duet of Florence Loison and Denis Monjanel allows to start resonating with the questioning which welcoming places can cros
The duel, the journey were already experimented and the pallet is infinite.

It is the subject of this duet: in all simplicity, the dance and the music in improvisation, can return an image, a poetic vision, move the look for a brief moment on multiple themes.

Florence and Denis delight in every new idea! The dance and the music, in dialogue, can say everything, everywhere and be accessible to all the publics.

Duration : custom-made, from 15 to 45 minutes
Technical conditions : autonomy

Choreography, performance and improvisation : Florence Loison
Composition, performance and improvisation : Denis Monjanel

A Zutano BaZar production for 2015-2016