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Médithèque de Noyen-sur-Sarthe
Automne 2017


Choreographic solo for a dancer and a turntable – 2016 Creation

It is an allusion to a period of life : the absolute of the passion for musicians, icons when the adolescence points its nose.
The room of teenager placarded by posters, by-products, dedicated vinyl, original version, live… These characters mark the youth as the starting point of an identity to be built.
For Florence Loison, it is unquestionably Led Zeppelin.
A group of another time, another sound. It is not for the texts that we take ourselves of love for the groups of the 60ies-70ies… Macho men, obsessed by the girls and the easy life.
But this exceptional, powerful and sensual quartet in its riffs stays in memory of the teenager that she was and which marked the genesis of an explosive and brilliant fun dance to come.
Funnily and with a lot of love, Florence pays tribut to this founding band in her artistic imagination.
Between dance, music in the vinyl and the interaction with the public, she pulls us in our own memories and deceives these essential idols of our sacred intimate spaces.

Duration : 45 minutes

Creation, choreography and performance : Florence Loison
Sound control : Lénaïc Hureau

A Zutano BaZar production for 2015-2016


Grand Atelier – EVE (Université du Maine) – Le Mans
Studio Marie Lenfant / Cie Marie Lenfant – Le Mans


2015 EVE / Scène Universitaire, dans le cadre des 10 ans de Zutano BaZar Mercredi 25 novembre
2016 Aux Soirs d’été, Le Mans Jeudi 25 août
La Castélorienne, Château-du-Loir Jeudi 13 octobre
2017 Lycée professionnel Maréchal Leclerc de Hauteclocque Jeudi 9 février
EVE Scène Universitaire Jeudi 27 avril

Pour les professionnels, une captation intégrale est à disposition sur demande.