visuel LAF 2009


Multidisciplinary, itinerant and annual event from 2004 to 2009, Lignes Africaines created the artistic, political and territorial foundations of Zutano BaZar ; from local to international a créé les fondements artistiques, politiques et territoriaux de Zutano BaZar ; du local à l’international et inversement, and conversely.

From the today Africa and a dancers-choreographers residence as a backbone, the event has gradually developped, by « drawing lines from here and elsewhere, in view to make see what exists between people and places » as summarized its creator Florence Loison.

In five years, the event has grown from one to three weeks of meetings, exhibitions, performances, workshops for amateurs, Métis dance evenings, momentary and other creations imaginations on stage or outdoors, adapting to available places, not necessarily aimed for the performing arts.

What does motivate the program ?

Improbable encounters, bold artistic desires, heart strokes, powerful human and artistic meetings to reveal and to share with the largest number …

Such choreographers like Merlin Nyakam (33 years old then) and Masaki Iwana (63) who agreed the challenge to meet in movement five days to perform a duet performance at La Fonderie in 2008…

But also the performance between Nora Chipaumire, Moeno Wakamatsu and Lenfant in 2009 or also the same year the video-sound installation by Romain Tardy and Thomas Vaquié members of AntiVJ Belgian collective.

Having the great pleasure to welcome journalists Vladimir Cagnolari and Soro Solo for a special broadcast of L’Afrique Enchantée on Radio Alpa, community radio station from Le Mans !

What does motivate the organization ?

Meeting the public where they are, mingling evenings so that the public discovers contemporary dance where you least expect it, proposing the poetry, contemplation but also festive moments, and other simple moments of sharing around a glass, a picnic.

Proposing real meetings between amateurs and guest artists in voice, music, movement. It was not only workshops but a real opportunity to share around an artistic career.


Attendance to workshops

2004 : 52 participants.
2006 : 47 participants.
2007 : 50 participants.
2008 : 90 participants.
2009 : 65 participants.

Public attendance

2006 : 200 people on 3 times.
2007 : 900 people on 8 times.
2008 : 2000 people on 13 times.
2009 : 1500 people on 12 times.

Artists and companies welcome from 2004 to 2009 :

2004 : Evelyne Mambo, Yelemba d’Abidjan, Fatoma Dembélé et Harouna Dembélé, Cie Kossiwa, Cie Dounia, Cie Samabadaboum, Cie Ayebory, Cie N’Zassanous, Cie Foli Doni, Cie Sinké.
2006 : Merlin Nyakam, Binda N’Gazolo, Abossolo Mbo, Ayokoh Mensah.
2007 : Evelyne Mambo, Merlin Nyakam, Cie Salia Ni Seydou, Sylvie et Alphonse Gomis, La gazelle Mandiak, Yama, Cie Ekanga, Cie Zutano BaZar, Oumarou Bambara, Baba Touré, Fatoma Dembélé, Yélemba d’Abidjan.
2008 : Merlin Nyakam, Oumarou Bambara, Baba Touré, Thomas Guéi, Masaki Iwana, Nicoletta Fagiolo, Seydou, Boro, Emile Abossolo Mbo, Binda Ngazolo, Vladimir Cagnolari, Willy Ze Kid.
2009 : Nora Chipaumire, Moeno Wakamatsu, Marie Lenfant, Florence Loison, Marjorie Kellen, Carine Fourcade, Jacques Banayanga, Boris Bouetoumoussa,Virginie Clenet, Sophie Burgue, Camille Tholliez , Falila Taïrou, Perrine Dages Desgranges, Marie Sinnaeves, Binda Ngazolo, Denis Monjanel, Baldescal, Thomas Vaquié, Clélia Véga, Cyesm, Julien Vasnier, Matthieu Prual, Marius Fontaine, Les Espoirs de Coronthie, Soro Solo, Vladimir Cagnolari, Olivier Clausse, Romain Tardy,JF Devillers, Maude Matignon.

Partner places & teams since 2004

Ministère de le santé, de la Jeunesse et des Sports
Conseil Régional des Pays de La Loire,
Département de la Sarthe,
Ville du Mans,
Ville d’Allonnes,
Crédit Agricole, Le Mans

From international,

New York : Nora Chipaumire / Pentacle (New York – Zimbabwe)
Sénégal : Germaine Acogny et Helmut Voght ­ Cie Jant­Bi / Ecole des Sables
Burkina Faso ­ France : Seydou Boro et Salia Sanou ­ Cie Salia Ni Seydou
Cameroun ­ Paris : Merlin Nyakam – Cie La Calebasse, Oumarou Bambara, Binda Ngazolo, Emil Abossolo Mbo
Côte d’ivoire ­ France : Evelyne Mambo ­ Yelemba d’Abidjan, Soro Solo

To local

Sarthe, Le Mans

La Fonderie, subsidized theater, Ministry of Culture, DRAC Pays de la Loire, Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, Departement of Sarthe, City of Le Mans, University of Le Mans, Cie Marie Lenfant, Les Ateliers de La Grande Ourse, accompanying artistic and cultural projects association, Médiathèque Louis Aragon, 24 Images, Théâtre Scarron/ Théâtre de l’Ephémère , Théâtre Chaoué / Théâtre de l’Enfumeraie, Cultural Center l’Espal, Les Saulnières, Maison des Loisirs et de la Culture, Centre Culturel François Rabelais (Changé), MJC Plaine du Ronceray, Associations Anisoroma, cultural and artistic practices around West Africa cultures, Association Divertimento, Le Mans hospital cultural association, Education Weeks Against Racism (Fal 72), Festival ACTES (Actions Culturelles pour le Handicap),Youth and Cultural Service of Allonnes, Social Center Quartiers Sud, Sauvegarde 72, AFEV Pays de la Loire. SETRAM. Caravanes, Baltringos , Association Tériaki and radio show « Les Rillettes Sonores », Radio Alpa, Hip Hop Arena, MSE du Mans, La Maisonnerie de Coulaines,

Maine et Loire, Angers

Association Yédélé, ADDM49, Le Chabada, Cultural Center Jean Vilar,

Ille et Vilaine, Servon sur Vilaine

MJC of Servon Sur Vilaine