In 2015, Zutano BaZar celebrates its 10 years of existence…

It’s always a pleasure to celebrate its birthday ! This is the opportunity for Zutano Bazar to meet up its artistic family around some dates to share times with dance and music again.

DANCE WORKSHOP AROUND THE SOLO /// On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November 2015

The coming of Laureline Richard – faithful dancer to all the events from Zutano BaZar – is the opportunity to offer a specific time of practice around the solo figure.

Workshop with Laureline Richard on Saturday 21st of November from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm (5 hours) // any level // about the “solo” notion : presence, inner self, expression…

SOLI SHARED EVENING /// On Wednesday 25th of November 2015, at 8:30pm

Grand Atelier hosts a dance soli evening concosted by Zutano BaZar

Pices : 3,5€ / 8€ / 10€

Florence Loison /// Deep Z Tribute (45min)
On the occasion of this anniversary , Florence imagines a play she always has secretly dreamed of! Led Zeppelin fan since her teens , she dares openly admit in this solo for a dancer and a turntable … Nothing serious, just totally some fun!

Laureline Richard /// Comme des couteaux qu’on vient de repasser (1 hour)

Edivaldo Ernesto /// Tears (55 min)
Discharge of enrage. A journey of a man where rules become uncomfortable roles. Trapped between fear and wondering. Feeling small and lost, afraid of unclear emotions. Bothered by unreasonable doubts.
Crashing with he’s own wishes. A mercurial behavior cropping out, imploding into a claustrophobic
corner. “Irritated”(Once there was a freedom in a journey of a man). He fell into the limbo to escape the nightmares. Scared passenger; how far a men can go without himself? “I will bring the invisible me”, a promise of hope, the savior sign of a upcoming riot. in a compact environment he just needed to know that he could still breathe. “there must be a raw third me somewhere ”. He says.

SOIRÉE CONCERT /// Samedi 28 novembre 2015, at 8:30pm /// La Péniche – L’Excelsior

Prices : 3€ / 4€ / 5€

Pin-Up Suicide premiere !
After {SIR-KU-LÉ} residence in Pays Vallée du Loir, Denis Monjanel, Damien Loison,
Mathieu Joly and Florence Loison continued to compose and record at the Old School Palace studio, accompanied by Lénaïc Hureau to offer an entire live set !



Florence Loison at Vivant(s) on Radio Alpa, November 4th 2015

10 years event report :
– France 3 Maine News / November 24th 2015

Zutano BaZar fête ses dix ans

Danse et musiques contemporainesZUTANO BAZAR FETE SES DIX ANSLa compagnie sarthoise Zutano BaZar (http://www.zutanobazar.fr)propose deux rendez vous pour souffler ses dix bougies. Danse contemporaine avec trois solis de Florence Loison, Laureline Richard et Edivaldo Ernesto mercredi 25.11 à la salle Eve de l'université du Maine (20h30) . Concert du groupe Pin Up Suicide à la péniche l'Excelsior d'Allonnes samedi 28.11. à 20h30. Pour écouter les morceaux,https://soundcloud.com/pinupsuicideRencontre avec Florence Loison, sa directrice artistique

Posté par France 3 Maine sur mardi 24 novembre 2015

– LmTv News / November 25th 2015