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D.O.G. Danse Grand Ouest

DOG is an informal organization which invents and develops an interregional and interdepartmental project (Basse-Normandie, Bretagne, Pays-de-la-Loire for the régions and 14-29-35-44-56-72 for the departments), titled DOG Danse Grand Ouest, whose inital and founding intentions are inscribed in as follows :

On the occasion of crossed words and of common reflection, a desire to associate a certain idea ” of excitement ” with the choreographic art gather six specialized places, created and/or managed by choreographic artists for an exceptional grouping.

Immersed in the creation, the choreographers of this collective pursue, with their teams, the development of their own artistic approach. Carried by the desire to generate new adventures, meetings, to participate in the becoming contents and to weave new relationships with other artists, it is them who feed the D.O.G. project, a real federative performance.

Their combined desires and their affinities led them to meet to imagine together a meshing of their territories to offer, in mutualized service, an authentic cooperation around the residence of choreographic creation; this exemplary collective aims to be the guarantor of a human and professional solidarity both from the point of view of the trade guilds and on that of the initiatives and the artistic contents.

The project is focused on the welcome of choregographic authors in the heart of a closeness of territory whose the geographic scale is apprehensible and human and whose the common associative model helps to link the 6 partners structures :

> TEEM (Quimper)

> Les Ateliers Intermédiaires (Caen)

> Le CDRM (Rennes)

> La Voilerie Danses (Arzon)

> Sept Cent Quatre Vingt Trois (Nantes)

> Zutano BaZar (Le Mans)