Zutano BaZar has worked since 2005 in living and visual arts, from Le Mans and from Sarthe.
We subtitle this company Multidisciplinary platform around gesture, welcoming polymorphous artistic forms.

Since the beginning, our proposals have moved towards exchanges and meetings.
These fundamental elements create in a constant circulation between the artistic proposal and the public. By bringing several artistic trades – dance, music, theatre, visual arts … – to cross and to unite in the research, Zutano BaZar uses the multidisciplinarity as a vector of link and sense.

This circulation happens in a work of stage towards audiences, with amateur publics but also with publics who do not have access to these spaces named as cultural spaces, in view to give them to live a strong artistic experience in abandoned areas.

This work joins an international geographic movement, starting from the Sarthe territory. This action of circulation weaves in a ceaseless and necessary goings and comings between the territory where it is implanted, meetings abroad and spaces to be cleared. So, the proposed forms try to make accessible to the largest numbrer by questioning the codes of representation and by imagining possibles with multiple populations. Zutano BaZar, in spite of a precarious situation of means, chooses to meet difficult to connect geographies, in the service of the shared creation. This multidisciplinary platform wonders on what really means the opening of the symbolic and real borders.